Year End Preparations

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Year End Preparations

As we start approaching year end, there are several things you can do to help make things go smoothly.

Please have all your employees verify their information.  Below are three common areas that need review.

  • Address – Did an employee move and not give you their updated address?
  • SSN – Please make sure all social security numbers are accurate.
  • Filing Status – Did they get married or have a dependent change during the year?

Payroll can be used to to do many more things than just pay your employees their regular earnings.

  • Offering 401k can be a good way to increase employee compensation while saving taxes.
  • Health benefits are proven to be great ways to improve employee retention and improve the ability hire great employees.


Home insurance and auto insurance are a couple examples of insurance products we all have and need.  After all, your home and your car or truck are not only important, but if something bad happened, repairs without insurance could be devastating.  What about insurance for groceries, utility payments, and other normal but important living expenses?  Those expenses are necessary and can add up fast.  Fortunately, this is why Combined Insurance offers an Income Protector that helps due to disability from injury or sickness. 

Combined Insurance offers several other low cost, high value lines that many people are grateful they had during the pandemic.  These insurance products do not require any employer contributions and typically cost only a few dollars per week.

If you are interested in more information on these Combined Insurance options, you can call us or contact our Combined Representative directly: