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Month: August 2020

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Telehealth is recommended by Doctors

Telehealth is recommended by Doctors. Surveys show this service is quickly becoming the most sought after benefit by employees. It helps them treat and protect themselves, including their families. Amazingly, employers can offer this benefit to their employees for as little as $10.95/month per employee. When this benefit is used with our payroll services, employers…
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Great employees make all the difference Owning a business is hard work. If you have ever had a great employee, you know they make all the difference. They make the atmosphere friendly, customers smile, increased productivity, and more! As an employer, you can make all the difference in their life as well. Showing them how much you value them with…
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Proposed Presidential Tax Executive Order

On Saturday, the 8th, President Trump issued an executive memorandum regarding a payroll tax delay. The memorandum directs the Secretary of the Treasury to implement a delay of certain employees’ obligations to pay Social Security taxes. The payroll tax provision requires guidance to be issued by the Department of Treasury. Until that guidance is issued,…
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CPA Partnership

All on the same team Secure HR and your CPA would be like two team mates working together for you.  We actually prefer to work with CPA’s as it a Win-Win scenario for all: Business owners don’t have to pay for their CPA’s to manage their payroll, when the CPA’s time is much more productive…
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