Bundled Pricing

Choose a Bundle or Create your own plan

Below are several bundle price options consisting of popular services for different budgets.  We understand not everyone has the same needs.  If you don’t see a plan that is perfect for you, we can build you your own custom plan. 

Payroll with Tax Filing
$120/mo + $2.00/check
Our base package is one of our most popular. This is for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and SemiMonthly Payrolls. Its even less if your payroll cycle is less frequent.
Payroll with Tax Filing & Pay by Pay
$140/mo + $2.00/check
This is for employers who appreciate consolidating expenses and improving their cash flow. Pay by Pay is a service that allows employers to avoid large end of year out of pocket insurance surprises by paying only the portion they need each pay cycle.
Payroll with Tax Filing & HR
$180/mo + $2.00/check
Adding HR services is a great way to gain access to the resources your growing business needs to assist you with all your employee related needs.
Payroll, Tax Filing, HR, & Pay by Pay
$200/mo + $2.00/check
This is the premium package. This includes all the great services we have in one, easy to use, affordable package. For employers who want to offload as much as they can, this is the package for you!