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Bundle Pricing

World class payroll with First class service

Choose a Bundle or Create your own plan

Below are several bundle price options consisting of popular services for different budgets.  We understand not everyone has the same needs.  If you don’t see a plan that is perfect for you, we can build you your own custom plan. 

Payroll Essentials

Basic payroll services
$ 125 per month plus
  • $8.75 per employee per month
  • Free employee portal
  • Free direct deposit
  • Check Signing
  • Tax Filing

Payroll Plus

Growing small business plan
$ 175 per month plus
  • $8.75 per employee per month
  • Online HR services
  • Employee Handbook Wizard
  • Document Vault
  • Pay-As-You-Go Work Comp

Benefit Essentials

Inexpensive employee benefits
$ 125 per month plus
  • $19.65 per employee per month
  • Includes Payroll Essentials
  • $0 Telehealth
  • Health Advocate Solutions
  • Retail & Mail Order Pharmacy

Benefit Plus

The complete bundle
$ 175 per month plus
  • $22.70 per employee per month
  • Includes Payroll Plus
  • $0 Telehealth
  • Health Advocate Solutions
  • Dental and Vision
Best Value

If a different set of features is what you need, we can make your own special bundle.  Click here to learn more.

Low Cost Benefits

Upgrade your employee benefits with a low-cost non-traditional benefit program.  The following services are benefits made available through our exclusive payroll relationship with Converging Health Plan.  Theses services are what makes up the 4 employee benefits plans we offer:

Your Custom Plan

Customize your own payroll solution
$ 125 per month plus
  • $2 per check
  • Fee direct deposit
  • Free employee portal
  • Pick your own services

When considering a custom plan, key variables include number of employees, pay cycle, and if you will require payroll delivery.

Additional Services

Below is not a complete list of services and fees, but are some of the more common for our customers.