Stay protected from time consuming employer related responsibilities with the efficiency of Secure HR.

Award Winning Payroll Service Provider

Secure HR, LLC was recently recognized as 2022 Best of Bradenton in the Payroll Service category.  “We were honored to receive this award.  It validates our service model, which is to above all else, provide excellent customer service.
Located in Bradenton, Florida, Secure HR customers span many industries from hospitality to construction. “We work with many types of companies.  Even though they may be in completely different industries, they all want basically the same thing and that is the comfort and security of having someone like Secure HR there to help and make sure they stay in compliance and their taxes are paid.”David Figueroa, Secure HR’s Payroll and Operations Manager
First-class service doesn’t have to come at high first-class prices.  “The great thing about what we offer, is you don’t have to pay more to get access to our service.  Our volume allows us to create discounts with various payroll companies and in most cases, save our customers money while receiving our higher level of service”, explained Figueroa.

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No matter the industry you are in, there is a common challenge that you share with other small business owners – There is never enough time in the day! Stay focused on your customers and your core business practices. Now more than ever your company needs your full attention. Leave the ever-changing payroll regulation distractions to us.

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